Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Job & Net Worth...

Hi All!!! 

I start my new position at the Bank on Monday. I am excited for the change and of course I am excited about the higher $100k salary. My net worth is trending up. See and click on the Networthiq chart to the right. I am feeling good about this year and I look forward to all of the progress I can make professionally, personally and financially. Overall, I am in a better place and frame of mind. =)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Lazy Day...

I had the best lazy day ever!!! Migraine subsided around 1pm and I got caught up on One Tree Hill, Law & Order, my reality TV and BET shows. I won't get into all of the Girl Scout cookies I ate today. Nope...I won't tell you about all that sugar!!! Well I didn't spend any money today. :-)


It's amazing how your body will eventually tell you to slow down. The last two months have been crazy busy traveling for work, meeting deadlines, doing some legal work on the side, and negotiating and accepting a new job offer...etc. It's been non-stop and my weekends have been super busy with minimal downtime. Well it caught up to me and I'm exhausted with a migraine. It's a little better now but it was pretty bad. I had to call off work today and I am going to try to relax if I can remember how to relax.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 05, 2012

New Job & Condo Update...

New Job:
I have been hard at work over the last year on special projects to try to differentiate myself from my peers and gain some exposure. I was offered and accepted a new position in Risk Management at the Bank. I am excited and nervous about the transition and it's pretty bitter-sweet because I love my current team. The new division made me an offer I couldn't refuse. My salary is going from ~ $80k to $100k and my bonus potential is much higher than it is now. With little prospect for growth in my current position, I accepted the job offer and I start my new position in April. Things moved really fast because they approached me and I wasn't actively looking for a new position. It's still very nice that I was on the short list and my efforts were recognized.

That being said, I will have some improvement in my monthly cash flow. Thumbs Up!!!

Condo Update:
I spoke to a Realtor and I am also considering trying to sell my condo and move back home with my Mom and Dad for a year. This will allow me to accelerate the payoff of my private student loans. With current market values, I am not sure if this is possible but the Realtor is willing to market the property so long as I agree to do it for at least 6 months. I am trying to decide if and how much I am willing to buy my way out if necessary in order to improve my financial situation long-term.

The thing about my condo building is that it needs major work (Woodwork and a New Roof) and I can see a special assessment in the $10k range within the next year. So instead of paying the $10k special assessment and then having to pay my way out of a sale in another year or two, I am considering how I can pay my way out now and save myself some money over the long haul. One thing I do know, I really don't want to be living where I am in the next 3-5 years.

So that also being said, I am considering renting out my condo in the event I am unable to sell it.