Saturday, July 23, 2016

So Much Change...

Y'all it's been world wind of a few weeks. I took my second solo vacation out of the county to Rivera Maya Cancun earlier this month. CJ couldn't get away from work and I needed to get away. Loved it!!! I am completely sun-kissed! 😘 I stayed at Secrets Playa Mujeres which was all-adult resort and completely amaze-balls!!! Good food, sun and beach! Love!!! ☀️☀️☀️

Less than a week after returning from vacation, I had to finally say Goodbye to my car of 14 years...The Green Machine!!! It served me well considering it had major rust corrosion and was welded together in so many places. This car's engine and transmission were still going strong but things kept breaking off underneath and I needed a set of new tires before Winter. With one more year at home, I decided it was time to get another vehicle that I can ride for another 14 years!!! LOL I'm happy and I was more than ready! My new car is a Nissan Murano SUV and I love it! It's sporty and fun, just like me! 👍🏾

I got my first real haircut too!!! It's super fly! Lots and lots of curly layers!!! I'm so happy and I didn't need to fly to LA or NYC to get a deva cut! I found a salon specializing in curly hair on the North Side of Chicago! Thank goodness for Instagram!!! My Sis found the salon and stylist for me!!! 

I'll definitely have to change up the budget to fit in the new car note but I have a year to get used to the new payment and get ready for the move back home. 

I am on target to have all but one private loan paid off by the time I move back to the condo in September of 2017, a minimum of $40k in savings and just over $100k in retirement balances. The last private loan will be paid off in December of next year with my annual bonus and I would have paid off just over $100k in student loan debt!!! Oh yeah!!! This move home with my folks was an absolute life saver!!!