Tuesday, March 01, 2016

February 2016...

Hello Everyone!

February was a solid month. I returned to snowballing and paid down $2,200 in debt. I increased my ESPP contribution to 15% in January so my stock purchase went up by $1,360. I contribute $680/paycheck towards share purchases which are made at a 15% discount on a quarterly basis. I use the lower of cost or market value in my net worth calculation. In this case, the market value is slightly higher than what is represented here. My retirement accounts held up but did get hit by market decline.

$2,200 is budgeted to be the minimum debt payment on a monthly basis going forward and includes a $1,200 snowball. I also pay about $75/per month over the minimum balance on my credit card.

My goal is to pay off all of my Private Student Loans and save $40k+ by December 2017.