Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 YTD Debt Repayment...

Here is my debt repayment year to date for 2014. I am on target to repay $20k by end of year with my annual bonus combined with regular payments.

Good Focused Day...

I earned my paycheck today. I was moving and shaking from the moment I got into the office. I ran a 2 hour portfolio call in the absence of my colleague, approved a few deals, vetted a new deal and dealt with the security alarm going off at the condo. The tenant called me and we got it all straightened out. I had about 10 minutes for lunch but I'm heading home and feeling good. Just another day in the life of Chitown!

I am pretty settled in at home and I'm very happy. I appreciate the company and I have the added benefit of seeing my sister and nephew every morning because my Mom & Dad take him to school. The tenants love the condo. I swung by there Sunday to pick up some mail and I love their set up and the place was like I left it....super clean and tidy. Thumbs up!

Still recouping financially from traveling and from moving. It will take me another month to balance out and get back on my feet. I plan to pay off two loans in December with my annual bonus and keep pressing forward. 

Keep your head towards the sunshine and you won't see the shadows! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

All Moved...

I moved out of my condo on Friday. My Mom and I cleaned up and handed the keys over to the tenants on Saturday. They are all moved in and happy. Rent was paid on time for September and it's done. I'm settling in at my parent's house and it's actually quite a relief. It was absolutely the right decision for me. The tenants asked how long I was looking to rent and said they would like to stay in the unit ideally for two years as they prepare to purchase a home. We will see. I can do a lot of good in two years and who knows if something will change in my life during this time. It's actually good to remove myself from my condo because I have been so attached and adverse to change. Now I feel more open to the possibilities. 

It's been a hectic couple of months making this BIG decision and starting a new job at the same time. Things are really good right now and I feel amazing. I have good direction, a solid plan and family support. I'm blessed.

I'll post my plan soon for the next year to two years. As it stands, I'm still on target to meet and exceed my goals for 2014. 

Thanks for reading and for the encouragement and support. =)