Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update on Chitown…

My new job is going well. Today makes 2 weeks. It’s both challenging and interesting and the days move by really quickly which is a definite plus. I have been much busier than usual so I don’t have as much internet time.

My debt refinance is complete, I paid my parents back in full, I have a plan going forward and I am doing well with my spending. In the next week, I will post the final damage, the plan going forward and I will begin posting a little more regularly as I get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for keeping up with me guys. =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Job...

I start my new job tomorrow at the Bank. My new salary kicks in at the end of the month since I am on monthly pay.

I decided to refi all of my credit card debt into one balance fixed at 3.99% for the life of the loan. Instead of 36 months, it will take me 48 months but I can now attack my student loan balances. The consolidation will be complete by the end of the month and I also made sure that I will be able to pay my parents back in full by the end of the month, if not by the end of this week.

Hang in there with me guys. At the end of the month, the picture will be bleak but from here on out, it should finally improve each month. No more catching up, just getting ahead.

Thanks for all of your support, comments and encouragement.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Debt Refinance/ Balance Transfer…

I am so tired of catching up!!! I currently have two credit cards with a combined balance of $9,300, $2,400 and $6,900.

The $6,900 balance is the remaining balance on a $25,800, 20% second mortgage resulting from my 80/20 home purchase 5 years ago. The current rate on this credit card balance is 3.99% fixed for the life of the loan. I have been paying $225/month to have the balance paid off in 3 years by 12/2010.

The $2,400 balance is the result of spending in March 2008. Thus far, I have been fortunate to be able to pay off the balance on my revolving card in full each month but there is no way that I will be able to pay this balance off by the end of the month.

My new $67,000 salary will not kick in until May 1 and will be first reflected on my paycheck at the end of May. Until then, I am in a cash flow crunch. I can continue to find ways to pay off the $2,300 balance or I can refinance the balances together and increase my monthly payment from $225/month to $250/month and have it repaid within the same 3-year timeframe. The payment will only increase to $250/month because I will pay down the balance by $800 within the next month with my tax rebate check and my regular monthly payment.

I just took a look and my credit card company is offering a 3.99% fixed rate for the life of the loan. For simplicity purposes, I am thinking about refinancing the balances together at the 3.99% rate and increasing my payment to $250/month. I can keep the balances separate but I like the idea of paying just one company, once a month.

I am just tired of being behind each month. I feel like if I refinance the balances together, then I can finally start attacking my debt in an orderly fashion, including my student loan interest which is accumulating at an unbelievable pace. So far, each month I have been so behind that any extra cash flow goes towards paying off my revolving balance in full versus have a balanced plan towards paying off revolving debt and attacking my student loans.

With the balance transfer, I would refinance my credit card debt to 3.99% fixed for the life of the loan, pay off my parents in full and finally be able to completely move to an all cash/debit system so that I can completely eliminate credit card debt from my life within 3 years.

March 2008 Goals in Review…

Pay off Revolving Credit Card Balance with Tax Return: $2,800

I am in a serious cash crunch to say the least and I have had to pay for a number of unexpected expenses including insurance deductibles and required minimum continuing education. I paid off the previous month’s balance of $2,700 in full but I have a new $2,300 balance to pay off for March. Don’t ask. I don’t know exactly how I am going to pay that balance off in full.

Pay Parents Back with Tax Return: $600

I decided (with my parent’s permission) to pay them back $100 per month. I am going to try to accelerate that payment but I already paid them back $100 in March and I gave my mom a $100 check last weekend for April. They really don’t’ care but it matters to me. I may have enough money in the coffers to pay them back by the end of the month.

Land a New Job and Higher Salary: Min $90k

I landed a new job but not with the $90k salary. I have a new job that I will be started on April 16th with a salary of $67k, up from $55k. I am still looking and posting for more positions at a higher salary. I am hoping to land another position by the end of the summer. This new job is still a step in the right direction and will ease my cash flow crunch.