Monday, April 13, 2015

March 2015...

March was another good month! I snowballed an extra $1,000 towards my student loans. The increase in credit card debt is solely due to the expiration of my balance transfer offer. I needed to rollover the amount to another credit card to take advantage of a new balance transfer offer. Everything else is on pace and coming together. The tenants in the condo are working out great!

The new job is good. They increased my responsibility and I've gotten positive feedback on my performance so that's awesome. My new job also comes with more flexibility. I asked for and received approval to work from home on Mondays and occasionally on Tuesdays. This will allow me more flexibility with the long distance relationship and traveling. The relationship is going good. 9 months strong. I just drove back from Indianapolis this morning from a weekend getaway. It's the middle meeting point for us as far as distance. We had a good time.

Health and fitness is going great! I started the Beachbody Shaun T program called T25 in January and finished last month, ran the 8K Shamrock Shuffle and started a Saturday Bootcamp program with my Sister. I am down over 20 lbs, several inches and I look and feel amazing. Best thing is that I did it all for me and I am actually enjoying the workouts. It's finally a part of my routine. I get up at 5am and crank out at least 30 minutes of intense workouts and then I get ready for work. I try to get in runs when I can during the week and then I have Bootcamp on Saturday mornings at 6am. I even won the Biggest Loser Contest and I get my fee waived for the next phase of Bootcamp! $150 back in my bank account! That's motivation!

Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for reading. =)