Wednesday, July 08, 2015

June 2015...

June was a decent month overall. My net worth improved by almost $2M fueled primarily by debt repayment. The market hit my retirement investments but no worries. I will continue to contribute, get the company match, buy low and watch my investments grow over the long haul.

Below is a YTD chart on all non-mortgage debt. The Goal is to pay off Private Loans #1-#4 by the end of the year with regular monthly payments, $1,000 monthly snowball payment, annual bonus and year end stock payout.

I continue to save approximately $700/per month through my company's ESPP Plan. It's forced savings since it is deducted directly from my paycheck and stock is purchased quarterly at a 15% discount.

The tenants will be renewing for another year so good things all around. Hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for reading for your encouraging words!