Monday, June 01, 2015

May 2015...

May was another good and steady month. I am finally under ($100M) net worth and on my way to positive territory! Still chipping away nicely at my private loans and saving consistently on a monthly basis. I am so thankful for this opportunity to right my course and things are really looking up.

I will be reaching out to the tenants this month to see if they want to renew their lease for another year. Their daughter is starting HS this year and the local HS is one of top schools in the area and within walking distance from the condo. I am pretty sure they want to renew. I will confirm this week and get the revised lease to them to sign. I already revised it last week so it's good to go.

Everything on a personal level is also going well. The relationship is still going strong. Hard to believe CJ and I will hit the one year marker next month. We are trying to decide on next steps. Looks like we will still be doing the long distance relationship for a while to come as he's been presented with some pretty great employment opportunities in the DC area. I don't mind splitting the time between DC and Chicago because it gives me more time to tackle my finances. He's completely on board and our families are supportive. Thumbs up!