Monday, April 18, 2016

March 2016

Hi Guys & Gals!

March was another good month! I am very happy with the progress so far this year and looking forward to having a positive net worth! 

The Debt is steadily going down! The market rebounded and gave a good lift to my retirement balances! I continue to snowball an extra $1,200/month on my student loans and contribute 5% to my 401k to get the 100% match. I also contribute 15% to the ESPP at work which is close to $1,400/month in savings. My credit score fluctuates in the mid to high 700's but remains strong. 

Work is good and it's been super busy. We lost a team member in the middle of March and had to redistribute the workload. Instead of covering the entire footprint and sharing responsibility, I gained primary responsibility of my own regions. It's a big shift in the role but I'm up for the challenge. I've got a good Manager in this position and love that I get to work from home every Monday and remotely as needed. Definite plus! I can do my job from anywhere. 

Looking forward to the Summer and getting to see my nephew play travel baseball. He's so excited!