Friday, June 10, 2011


Struggling a bit and I have to hit the reset button!

All is really well. I haven't gone into any more debt, my $1,000 eFund is still in tact and I lost 17 lbs since April 1st. Not bad. However, my spending has been a bit out of control this month and my eating has been just awful this week. I have to reel myself back in before I start looking at the credit card again and hiding from the scale.

Some of the things I have found difficult are rebounding emotionally from the $1,500 in car repairs and balancing the grocery/food budget while trying to eat better, cook healthier recipes and train for the Chicago Half Marathon. I needed running hear, I registered for races, groceries are expensive, recipes are expensive to make, and quite frankly I am getting really tired of tracking every single dollar and every single WW point but I still do it religiously.

What do I want? To continue losing weight, to be emotionally okay with gradual progress with my finances and weight loss, to keep a smile on my face and to feel good more than I feel bad. That's what I want. I want to be able to have the time, money and ability to focus on what matters most to me and continue to achieve higher levels of happiness.

I still enjoy my job even though it's non legal. I really love the people that I work with and the organization so I am in no rush to leave any time soon. I have been picking up more complex assignments/files and getting opportunities to work on special projects and that will bode well with my annual review and hopefully reflect positively with next year's bonus and raise.

I am down from 180-163 lbs and I am up to running 6 miles. My goal is 140 lbs and to complete the Chicago 13 Mile Half Marathon in September. My debt has declined, my net worth continues to improve and I update my net worth iq chart and the charts in the right column every month.

So...all is well and I am sorry about the lack of posting. It just hasn't been in my heart to analyze every day and week but I am tracking everything and keeping afloat. How have you been readers?