Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Relaxing Weekend…

I had a really relaxing weekend. I returned half of the clothes that I bought and my mom will return the other half this week for me. That’s a relief to have that off of me. I bought a really inexpensive patio set this weekend and a grill so I can cook more at home. My Dad came over and helped me with everything. Thank goodness for wonderful parents.

The financial month is over and I have a few trailing issues to resolve. Then I will be posting the results. Since the payout on my CC will not happen until the middle of the month, my May recap won’t look as bad as June which will reflect the payoff of my CC in full. I will have another dip in my net worth because of the payment for my summer class. Overall, it won’t be too bad but June should be a lot better in terms of spending than May.

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