Monday, July 17, 2006

Update and Final Exams...

I am currently finishing my take home final exam that is due Wednesday evening. I cannot wait to turn in the exam and have that monkey off my back. I’m already at 10 pages but I don’t feel confident about what I wrote which sucks!!! LOL. The class is Remedies and I have to say that despite this being a BAR class, we didn’t learn very much and then our professor gave us a 10 page policy question regarding software as if I know anything about computer software. (Sigh!)

Oh yeah...Can’t wait for this class to be over.

It is supposedly gorgeously hot today here in Chicago but I doubt that I will venture out into the heat. I hardly ever complain about the hot weather especially since you know the cold freeze of the Windy City will return with a vengeance. LOL. I love this city.

Finances are looking up. I returned a lot of the interview stuff that I bought for a few upcoming job fairs and decided on two skirt suits, black and gray, for a conservative look. I really hope that I get an offer from these Job Fairs because it is so hard for an Evening Student to get legal experience and that can work against us.

I booked a vacation with Apple Vacations but then someone told me that it was not a wise decision to be out of the country just in case I do receive a callback. So I called today to cancel the trip and hopefully everything will work out. Push come to shove, I will at the least get a travel voucher that will be good for one year.

Other than that, my mom is finally home from the physical rehabilitation facility and her knee is doing really well. My Uncle is supposed to come home from the hospital this week but will still continue his chemo treatments for several weeks to come.

My Best Friend is getting married in less than 3 weeks and her bachelorette party has yet to be planned but I am putting that expense and event on the other bridesmaids since they did not help with the Engagement Party or the Bridal Shower. No major expense for me there and luckily, my dress doesn’t need to be altered so that is one less expense I have to worry about.

Oh yeah!!!


Tired of being broke said...

One trick with the paper is to put it down for a couple of hours, a day even, if time permits. Look at it later with fresher eyes and mind.

Chitown said...

That is exactly what I did and boy did it help. I am so anxious to turn this exam in and move on to more fun things for the summer. Of course, that excludes shopping. =)

Anonymous said...

You've got a lot going on! Have fun at the bachelorette party... I hope to have one of those soon, but it might be hard with my peeps spread all over the country!

Single Ma said...

WOW you have a lot going on!

After a job offer is secured, sounds like you're long overdue for a vacay. When work begins, no telling when you'll be able to sneak one in.

Good luck with everything!

Chitown said...

SingleMa...that is exactly what I was thinking. When do I have time for vacation?

I know that once I start work, time off will be few and far between. I am hoping to take at least 2 weeks off next year after the bar exam before I start work to do some traveling and relax.