Monday, August 07, 2006

Best Friend’s Wedding is Over…

My best friend’s wedding was this weekend and went off with minimal hitches. She looked beautiful and we had a great time. Despite my shoes hurting after one hour, I smiled the entire time. LOL

Now it is time to regroup the finances. I took Sunday just to relax, read a little for enjoyment and visit with my parents for dinner. But now I am back to business. This Friday I have a Job Fair to attend and I have 3 interviews with a mid-size firm, a small firm, and a corporation. Wish me good luck!!! I really hope that something positive comes out of these interviews so I don’t have to relocate. My heart and soul rests in Chicago.

For now, I don’t anticipate any additional large expenses for the remainder of the year. Of course I am excluding Christmas. Next year will be a busy year for my family with my graduation, my mom’s retirement from teaching, and my sister’s wedding. Plus, I turn 30 next year, so I know I am going to want a bash for that big and special occasion. Did I just say 30????????? (Chitowngirl shakes her head in disbelief!)

Hope everyone is well. Thanks for checking in on me. Cheers!!!

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