Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September Progress Report…

I cannot believe how quickly September is going by. It will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas before I know it.

I am plowing my way through September. I had some job seeking related expenses like parking for interviews, new interview shoes (my other shoes hurt like hell), and some dry cleaning expenses. I know I need to curb my eating out expense but I don’t have the focus or energy right now with work, school, interviewing, etc. That’s enough right! LOL

Anyway…I am still waiting for a $900 tuition reimbursement check. I opened a new ING account and deposited $4k of my savings. I will deposit additional funds at the end of the month because I still have about $4k sitting in my checking account and I want to have that number around $2k.

Can anyone tell be about their experience with HSBC? They have a better savings rate than ING so I may look to transfer my long-term savings/ debt repayment funds into that account.

So far, I have approximately $45 in my Bank of America Savings account from the automatic $25 monthly checking transfer and regular Keep the Change deposits from my checking account debit transactions. I will be transferring the balance of that account to my ING account at the end of the month.

Thanks a bunch!!!


Denise Mall said...

I created an HSBC account in July, it was slow moving in the beginning. I created one through my Best Buy Card, looking for a $25 gift card, because it was the only deal I could find. Still don't have the card yet.

HSBC is not as easy to set up and get moving in as ING, but once it is complete and running is pretty easy.

I would recommend opening an account. Although, if you are like me and like to "see" your money I would only open with a small deposit like $50. You won't be panic stricken then if it takes a month to see your account online.

Anonymous said...

I use HSBC too and haven't had any problems though many bloggers have complained bitterly about the online account. It is slow going in the beginning waiting to have your acct. no's., password, etc. snail mailed to you. But I like that you can open multiple accounts for different things. I have one for my emergency fund, my 30th birthday fund, Christmas saving and one for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

I opened an HSBC account I think it was July too. I had a bit of a problem at first. I didn't want an ATM card so I guess that confused them a bit because they didn't send out my account number and PIN info. After not receiving the info for about a couple of weeks, I called and straightened it out. Then it only took a couple of days after that. Like the prev commentor said, only initially deposit a few bucks at first.

Once set up, it does take about 3 days for a regular transfer to clear. I don't find that a big deal, but some do even though I think it's pretty standard. And they definitely keep you informed with email updates for your statements and transfers.

Other than the initial set-up, I like them and recommend opening one as well.