Monday, October 16, 2006

October Update…

October is turning out to be a costly month for me as well where bills/expenses exceed income and I SPEND TOO MUCH!

Monthly Income: $3,130 – After 5% 401k contribution

Savings: $300

Regular Bills/Expenses: $2,250

Discretionary Spending: $915

Irregular Expenses: $1,150

  • Quarterly Water Bill - $110
  • Bar/Bri Prep Program - $170
  • Car Tires and Brake Repair - $870

Deficit: $1,485


Anonymous said...

this is a little random, but how much is your rent? Do you live by yourself? in an expensive part of town? I am thinking about moving to Chicago from San Francisco and wondering which city is more expensive. Good luck with the debt payoff!!


Chitown said...

Beth -

Thank you for visiting my Blog!!!

I do live by myself and my mortgage is roughly $900/month and my assessments are $225. This after I paid off my HELOC with a balance transfer to a credit card which was costing me another $200-$225. Total current cost ~ $1,150.

My initial condo purchase was for $130k but right now, my place appraises for about $150k with the recent appreciation in the housing market.

From what I have read and heard from others, Chicago has a cheaper cost of living but the closer you are to Downtown Chicago, the more expensive it gets.

I live in an outlying suburb outside of Chicago with both very large homes, modest homes, and blue ribbon schools. My commute downtown is roughly 40 minutes. I own a modest condo in an area where there is a larger population of older people so it is more quiet and peaceful.

I have friends who live in the City and they pay rents as low as $700/$750 (in nice areas) for a 1 bedroom, $850-$950 for a 2 bedroom up to $1,200/$1,300 closer downtown for apartments.

Good luck and come by and visit again sometime. =)