Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lacking Motivation…

I am sincerely lacking motivation these days and yet, I have so much on my plate it’s crazy.

Here is a brief list…

  • Working full-time
  • School part-time – 4 nights a week
  • Car accident – neck still hurts a little
  • Mom recovering from knee surgery
  • Sister getting married
  • I have strep throat but feel much better
  • Having a hard time trying to find a law job after graduation
  • Student loan debt is piling high
  • 25-page paper due in a month
  • Class presentation in 2 weeks
  • Final exams start in a month

Need I go on? I keep telling myself that I only have until May and then I graduate but any law student knows that graduation is when the REAL work starts. LOL Needless to say, I am at least looking forward to finals being over and getting a chance to relax.

Like most PF bloggers out there who may dread the purchase of Christmas gifts, I am looking forward to just spending some quality time with my family. Fortunately, with my upcoming graduation, my sisters nuptials, my mother’s retirement from teaching after 35 years, and my 30th Birthday (shhhhhh!!!!!), we are keeping gifts light and going heavy on having a good time with each other.


Anonymous said...

You are doing great! Truly, you are so much further along with your school than I am. And I'm *already* 30. Yikes.

Hope you can put your feet up, for a few minutes at least, sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

I've been in the same boat myself....
but we ARE pretty lucky to be living
where we are, in the times we are.
In olden days, "lack of motivation"
when there was stuff to do
would simply have been dealt with by
Darwin....or a beating from the 'lord
of the manor' or local nobility who
we worked for, or were slaves of, LoL.

Chitown said...

Totally LMAO!!!

Chitown said...

Michelle -

I plan to do just that. I keep telling myself that vacation is near. I am off the week of Christmas and I am done with final exams on December 18th. I am in the home stretch. I just need to hang in there.

Thanks for visiting!!! Stay the course with school. I know it will be worth it!!!

Single Ma said...

Sounds like you have a case of "senior-itis" or in your case...3rd year-itis. That last trekk up the hill is the hardest. Keep at it sis, it'll be over soon. Then you'll kick back and exhale...after you find a job of course. LOL

Your family has a lot of major events to celebrate. Light on the gifts, heavy on the family QT and kinda party. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You'll find a job. It may not be the one you want right off the bat, but if you do well, you'll be able to get the one you want. Just stay positive about it.

Plus, since you are a part time student, you already have a job! Don't overlook that one for the time being.

Chitown said...

Thanks for the support readers!!! I need it and appreciate it very much!!!