Monday, May 07, 2007

April 2007 Recap…

I decided to revalue my condo. See commentary here. I decided on a lower, more conservative valuation of $160k although I think that Zillow may be more accurate at $165k. I will keep a close eye on the surrounding market in the next year.

Not much to report other than huge amounts of cash going out the door for with big ticket items related travel and school and other discretionary spending. After this month, all school related items should be paid for, travel plans should be paid for, and I should be moving into repayment mode on my student loans. My federal loans will kick in come July 2007 and my private loans will kick in next year in March 2008. So, I have until then to find a better paying job.

I invested my 2% raise into the Company Share purchase plan. The Bank pays all the related fees for the plan and employees are able to buy shares at a 20% discount. I also contribute 5% to my 401k with the bank matching 100%.

I graduate from law school in less than 2 weeks. Finals period begins this Wednesday and ends next Friday. I will report back after I finish finals with an update. Hope all is well with everyone!

*** Had to edit chart.

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