Wednesday, June 06, 2007

May 2007 Financial Update…

Now that I am officially a graduate, I received the proceeds from by Bar Loan during May. This is the last student loan I will ever have to take out. Thank goodness. Right now, the funds are sitting in my WaMu savings account and will remain there as Emergency Funds.

I did some accounting changes to help sink my personal spreadsheets with Quicken. I get paid once a month at the very end of the month so the below balances include my April and May paychecks and 401k contributions. Going forward, everything will balance and reconcile better.

My student loans are still in deferment until next year so accruing interest will hurt for the next few months. For the remainder of the year, I will be trying to get a handle on my post-law school expenses, find another job, and improve my net worth as much as possible.

Going forward, June should see some slight improvement with the payoff my credit card in full and my last tuition reimbursement check. Then, everything will go back to a normal person with a crap load of debt.

*** Had to edit chart due to a mistake.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chitown, how goes the bar studying?

I see from your financial breakdown that you have over $200k in student loans. Out of curiosity, have you formulated a plan for repaying these? By that I mean, do you have a schedule for what to pay on which loans and for how long? When do you expect to be all paid up?

No pressure if you haven't really thought about it all that much. I am just the planner type and I obsess over such things.