Friday, September 21, 2007

Working my butt off…

This has been a very busy week at work. With a team of 4, balancing schedules can be tough. Today, I am covering our team on my day off which is okay for so many reasons. For one, my team leader’s mother passed away on Tuesday and he got the call right here at work. Today was the funeral and he will be out until Monday. He really gets 2 weeks bereavement but the poor guy just wants the distraction of work. I don’t blame him. My other co-worker had the week already scheduled off for vacation and today, my third co-worker is sick. So, here I am. I work a flex schedule, Mon-Thurs, so I’ve worked well over 40 hours this week. It’s cool...Just getting me ready for the law job. =)

I should get my bar results in less than two weeks. I am nervous and excited. The feeling of being done with law school after 4 long years in a part-time program is like floating on a cloud.

Have a great weekend!

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