Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Presents…

Well some of the family reneged on the agreement we made to forgo Christmas presents. With everything going on, they felt like the Christmas spirit was being zapped from them and that they would feel better if they could get everyone a little something to open for Christmas. This wouldn’t be such a big deal but I already engaged in some emotional shopping this month.

I decided to purchase $25 gift cards for everyone and I will be personally writing something special in a card thanking them for their love and support this year. It’s not much, but it’s something and everyone will be getting the same $25 Amex gift card so there is no favoritism. Well…my little cousin and my best friend’s daughter both got $50 gift certificates to StrideRite so they can get some new shoes which can be expensive for little kids.

I also lucked up and found some inexpensive gifts for my three neighbors. They are getting a box of mixed Christmas cookies ($4 for 2 boxes) and a 4-piece Christmas mug set ($6 for four mugs). I got them on sale at the store and they are actually pretty cute. It’s just supposed to be a little token and I think they will be pleased for just under $10. The store also had Christmas bags and tissue paper for $1. It was a good day.

For the most part, my emergency fund is gone, gone, gone. As in Bye Bye!!! I feel a little bad about this but at the same time, my parent’s gave me that $2,000 so that I could get something special for myself. So, I got myself a few items of clothing that I can also wear to work and I purchased some Christmas presents. I will work to build my emergency fund up again in the next few months. This will be a lot easier when/if I get the attorney position at the bank.


Anonymous said...

You have some of the right ideas. You are seriously in debt and need to:
1) Get and keep a job.
2) Save your $2,000 back.
3) Live on 60% of that income, applying all extra to paying off debts (smallest to largest).
4) Then set aside 10% for retirement, starting ASAP. Yes you are young, start now.
Merry Christmas,

This is probably obvious to you. I encourage you to keep on working at it. If you want to really get some traction, go to and listen to his radio show.

SavingDiva said...

It would be rought if you didn't plan on purchasing presents...and then you had to...

but a $25 amex card will be great! Perfect for gas!

Velvet Jones said...

anon: Chitown already has a job, she's just apply for better ones.

Chitown: I agree that you shouldn't be too worked up about using your EF for gifts and clothes since the money was given to you with the idea you'd use it as you wanted. Like you said, you'll build it back up again. No worries.

Chitown said...

My emergency fund can be refunded by the end of January when I receive my bonus which should be about $3,500 after 401k and taxes.