Thursday, February 14, 2008

Charitable Donation…

I made a $35 donation to SOS Children's Villages today as part of Wooly Woman’s challenge over at Clawing Our Way. I have a $500 charitable goal for the year and I also make a recurring monthly donation of $35 to World Vision.

If you can make a donation to SOS Children's Village, please do and let Wooly Woman know so she can add the donation to the final tally. Let's give from the heart and help others less forunate. Despite my debt load, I am truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just finished reading your whole blog- I am also working my way out of debt slowly and I'm inspired by your persistence! I also donate to World Vision- I sponsor a child in India. I have visited India several times and wanted to give something back to the country.

I hope you're feeling better- it's miserable to work with a sinus infection I know- and good luck with the job hunting!

Anonymous said...

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