Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to Get Serious...

I am officially back and will be coming here more often to really give you the deal on my finances and my plan to get out of debt and save. I am really serious about getting this debt monkey off my back so stay tuned and see it happen.

Here is my current breakdown. I don’t need any criticism on the current state of affairs but feel free to criticize me on any of my future choices and to cheer on my successes. Thanks a lot. =)

*** Rounded Figures

Emergency Savings – $2,000
Credit Card #1 – $10,900 (Promotion APR of 3.99% fixed through 12/2010)
Credit Card $2 – $3,200 (Furniture Account – 6 months deferred to 3/2010)
Credit Card #3 – $1,900 (Revolving Account – Variable 7.99% rate)
Credit Card #4 – $300 (Revolving Account – Variable 17.99% rate)
Student Loan Debt – $232,000
Mortgage Debt – $122,300


Denise Mall said...

I hope this means you feel confident in your career and are ready to tackle more. Good luck!

velvetjones said...

Glad to see you, welcome back!