Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chitown is Alive…

Hi everyone! I am still alive and kicking. The month of May has taken a toll on me emotionally and financially. I am looking forward to taking next week off for vacation.

I stopped by my parent’s home last night and my grandmother was having a terrible day. For those that do not know, my grandmother has a severe case of Alzheimers. She’s lived with my parents for 20 years and has declined rapidly since November of last year. I need to help my mother look into assisted living for her next week. The cost for alzheimers care is expensive and of course, she did not have long-term care insurance.

I am wrapping up the month of May and I am dreading my monthly recap. I think my net worth will be down about $2,000 with market losses as well.

All of my student loans are now in repayment. I faxed in the request to put the new federal loans on an interest only payment plan for the next 2 years. They have yet to process the request so the new payment amount is not reflected on the system. As soon as I know the amount, I will be able to budget for June and the remainder of the year.

I have an informal interview on June 1st for a position with Macys on State Street. The position of for cosmetic sales, beauty advisor, on call. I am not sure what it will entail but I am going to see what they are talking about. I don’t think my current employment allows for the flexibility of an “on call” position but rather a set schedule for a part-time position. I am still going to participate in the interview and get all of the information and details. I worked retail for years in college for Structure (Express for Men) so I have some retail experience. I manage my own portfolio of Bank customers all day long so I have customer service experience. We’ll see.

My Boss is on leave dealing with a Bank acquisition so I have an interim Team Lead who was coincidentally my first Team Lead when I joined the group. I told him that I had a discussion with my old Boss about a year ago about my salary being below market and the income disparity with my coworkers. I also told him there was talk about me taking on additional responsibilities to justify an increase. I put out there that I was trying to get to $85,000 from $75,000 and I wanted to know what I need to do to make that happen. He agreed that they should have circled back to me by now with some decision and said he would follow up and talk to my Boss and the Head of our Group. Otherwise, I told him I may need some flexibility with my schedule so I can leave a little earlier to get part-time employment. He looked shocked but people with Money never seem to understand people without it, especially when the person without money has all the tools, education and drive.

I am very educated, driven, experienced and well…broke. We’ll see what happens.


Anonymous said...


Good to keep posting to keep yourself accountable. Good luck to you on the job search/pay increase. Do not give in to inertia. Think of what might have happened if you had not been paying attention to your finances like you have been!

Keep evaluating your expenses - and try to remember everytime you want to buy something that YOU ARE BROKE!


velvet jones said...

We're all going to take a hit this month because of the markets. But I have to say, I don't put much importance on that's the market. It goes up, it goes down. It's out of my control. I tend to focus on how much cash I have in the bank and debts. It's a little more "real" to me.

Keep up the good fight girlfriend. I'm over here cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

Please check your company's policy about other employment...most don't allow moonlighting. Don't get me wrong, it's a struggle for everyone out here but now your team lead knows you are looking for a second job because you need extra money and may feel obligated to mention it to your boss. I hope it works out (they may correct your salary to keep you from getting a PT job) but you really don't want your supervisor to know too much about your financial situation...ESPECIALLY at a bank.