Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bring Your Lunch Challenge...

Okay...who wants to participate with me in a Bring Your Lunch to Work Challenge next week?

I also am soliciting lunch ideas before I go grocery shopping this weekend. =)


Anonymous said...


I always bring my lunch (it is a habit at this point), so I will give some tips about what to bring.

1. I always bring something tiny and sweet. (a truffle, for example). It makes bringing lunch fun.
2. I don't buy lunchmeat. What a scam! $6 for a small bag of deli meat? No thanks.
3. I always bring some fruit. An apple is easy because it has staying power but in the summer, I bring berries, as they are cheaper (in season) and I love them.
4. I make big batches of food on the weekend, then I have something to bring during the week. You can also freeze some items and have them thaw during the morning, and microwave to make them warm.
5. Making hard boiled eggs is easy and so is cooking chicken. Make egg and chicken salad in the summer. You can freeze bits of chicken and thaw some pieces as you need them. The hard boiled eggs have staying power as well and are easy and healthy to eat.
6. Also, you can put cut up sausages, potatoes, and peppers (could also add onions!) in a rectangular oven proof dish and cook at 450 for 45 min to an hour - make enough for leftovers.
7. Same thing with sweet potatoes, chicken thighs with some maple syrup - also some onions. Easy to put together and can cook while you are doing other things.
8. Start paying attention to how much items at the grocery store cost. I am amazed at how much I used to pay for certain items.
9. general grocery store tips: don't buy more perishable items than you eat. I got that tip from The year without spending blog, and that tip has saved tons of produce from spoiling on me. I don't buy it in the first place.

Good luck! Will check back in.


Chitown said...

@ Kris:

Sams Club is the place for deli meat. You can get three containers of oven roasted turkey for $7 and it lasts at least a month. I get my bread from Aldi weeekly and it's less than $2 for a loaf.

I love the idea of bringing something small and sweet. I usually try to bring some canned fruit.

Thanks for the great suggestions!!!

SavingDiva said...

I'm in! I'm trying to do the Eat Clean thing by Tosca Reno (currently reading her book), so my lunches are based around that.