Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Weekend

I really enjoyed the long weekend. After too many sleepless nights, I decided not to return to the part-time job so I enjoyed having time this weekend to relax and hang with family and friends.

I spoke to the head HR person on Friday and she personally apologized on behalf the store and that is enough for me. I am just ready to move in an entirely new direction -- the new law position. I should hear some news (good news) this week. I am going to definitely shoot the head recruiter an email tomorrow when I get back into the office to follow up.

I found a kiosk that sold a larger size of the Proactiv instead of a 30-day supply so I purchased that this month and it should last much longer. I also placed an order today for Mixed Chicks which is my hair product that you can only buy online. The hair products should last me until December so that's also good news. I won't need any major personal care purchases for a while.

All in all, I am hoping that I will end the year with a minimum of $7,500 in my savings account. Of course all that changes when/if I get the job offer to start this year. Cheers!!! =)

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