Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Today...

I stayed home today so I could actually get some work done. I know that sounds weird but there are less distractions at home and I really want to make better progress on my quarterly reports. The deadline is coming up...Feb. 4th.

I am going to make the $200/week challenge. I have $23 left for today and tomorrow. I ate lunch at home today and my Mom just called and invited me over for dinner later. I have leftover Chili for lunch tomorrow and if I don't eat again over my parent's house like I usually do on Thursdays (when she has my nephew), then I will make dinner which isn't a problem.

I also get paid tomorrow and it will carry my annual bonus and increase. I won't know what my actual paycheck amount will be until the end of the next month but the check tomorrow is....Love!!! I would cry tears of joy if all of my monthly paychecks netted $14K!!!

Go Chitown! =)


The Borrower said...

Yay!!!! For Chitown!!! I love hearing when things are going right. This is fabulous news. Relish in it. You deserve good things!

DreamChaser57 said...

Whooopppiiiieeeee!!!! That is all. See I can write a short post, LOL....looking forward to seeing the update in the right sidebar.

Not to throw a wrench in anything, but do you think you should pad your E-Fund a little?! Not enough to derail your gazelle intense debt repayment efforts, but something like $500-$1K. Lump sums are so rare.

Chitown said...

@ The Borrower -- Thanks so much. I feel like things are getting better and moving in the right direction. =)

@ DreamChaser -- I definitely feel you on padding the eFund. I have you say and I will probably post about this tomorrow but it feels so upstream to me to use all of my bonus towards debt. I really wish that Baby Step #3 and #2 were in reverse especially for someone with as much debt as I have. If I called Dave Ramsey and told him it would take me 10 years to pay all of this debt off, I wonder if he would have a different plan for me. Something like, split windfalls and put half on your debt (Step #2) and half towards the six month eFund (Step #3). I know I would feel a lot better about being gazelle intense and putting extra towards debt monthly if my eFund was settled.

Oh Boy!

DreamChaser57 said...

It can be quite confusing. I listen to Ramsey's podcast quite regularly (quite easy to find on iTunes and the 1st hour of the show is free) - I love to hear people call in and say I'm debt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I genuinely think that Ramsey's plan is so straightforward and it allows you to isolate one stage of your personal finance picture and focus so intensely and resolutely on that - that fuels the success.

There is something to being fully engaged and committed to one thing.

Forge ahead gazelle, you'll have plenty of time later to build wealth / savings! $1K can float you through most emergencies.