Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Heart is Good...

Today I am so thankful. I am so grateful that despite the trials, setbacks and disappointments, my life is still so full and beautiful. I have good health, the most amazing family, great friends, a solid career with credentials to match, a nice home and the ability to take care of myself. When I think there is no way, God proves me wrong and He makes a way.

I often have to remind myself that life and evolution of my own womanhood is a journey that is ever changing and constantly improving. There will never be a point where I have reached my destination because there will be more room to grow in every area of my life. So in essence, you never get it done. When it's done, you're no longer here so it's grand and a blessing to be able to continue the journey. I am so thankful that God knows my heart and he continues to provide me with life, love, grace and mercy. I think often of our relationship because that's really what I have with God. I don't have religion but I do have relationship. It's a relationship where I know I get more than I deserve. He loves me unconditionally, never gives up on me, provides for me, protects me and is my constant companion. When I feel like I can go no further, it's amazing how he picks me up and carries me forward.

So today I won't dwell on what is wrong or missing in my life. Instead, I will bask in all that is great and beautiful. Giving Thanks! My heart is pure and my life is good. =)

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