Monday, August 03, 2015

July 2015...

July was a good month so no complaints. It was also a month with three paydays. My Net Worth improved by almost $5M due to ESPP savings, retirement contributions/gains and debt repayment.

My Tenants are renewing for another year so that is great news. They have been fairly low maintenance and I am super appreciative. Rent is paid on time and usually early. So thumbs up there! Next lease term begins September 1st. 

One of my Private Loans is nearing payoff in September which is great! Still trying to decide if I will pay off the $24M loan next with my annual bonus and stock payout or if I will continue to snowball to the next largest loan. All of the private loans have just about the exact same interest rate. Mentally, it would be nice to knock out 3 more loans by end of year so I am leaning that route. The good news is that I am making progress which hasn't happened before and it feels amazing!

On a personal note, my relationship with CJ is still going strong. We hit the one year mark in July. I just got back from spending a week in OH where I worked remotely for the week. CJ joined us at my family reunion in IN last weekend and then I drove back with him to OH for the week. I just got back this morning. Since it's long distance, it's the longest we've been able to spend together and we got along really well and had a fun week together. It was a good test. Miss him already BUT we are going to FL at the end of August to vacation for a week. We found a ridiculous deal on Priceline and booked. Looking forward to turning off my computer for a week. I haven't had a chance to do that since February.

It also looks like CJ will be moving to the DC area in MD by the end of the year. I am already paving the way at the Bank to be able to split my time between OH/Chicago and MD/Chicago until we decide if we will be in the DC area or in Chicago. To be determined. For now, we are just enjoying what's is and looking forward to the journey.

Exercise and Fitness is going great! I am probably in my best shape since college and I enjoy working out at least 30 minutes a day. It helps that CJ works out as well and my Sis has even joined in on the health kick and she's doing good.

That's all folks. Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for reading. =)

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