Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 Mid-Year Review...

Thanks to the person who left a comment about an update! So sorry I've been MIA. Our department at the office is short staffed due to turnover since March so I've been pulling double duty. Bad news is  that I'm super burned out. Good news is my hard work was recognized and I received a rare mid-year salary bump from $122k to $134k which was Huge! The increase brings me a bit more in line with market, although I'm still below market salary for my position. I also got invited to participate in a Sponsorship Program for people identified for Leadership Potential and Roles. It's a year long program so there could be more great opportunities on the horizon.

CJ and I are still going strong. 3 years in July when he first reached out to me. He's still in OH but is making his way to Chicago. I work a week there remotely every other month or once a month; it depends on what I have going on and the timing. Lately I've been preoccupied with my nephew's baseball season. ⚾️⚾️⚾️

My tenants want to stay another year and may want to buy the condo. It's a woman, her daughter and her parents living there now. Her parents were looking to downsize and sold their home faster than anticipated so they rented with her for a year. Worked out well since she was just wrapping up an unfortunate divorce from the prior tenant. Rent has always been paid on time and they're totally low maintenance. It's been a blessing.

Financially, I fell off a bit over the last couple months with being so busy and unfocused but I'm back in line. When I say I fell off, I overspent. But stayed on target and in line with my debt goals. My savings did take a hit. The raise and year end increase basically covers most of the car payment I picked up last year. Nice!

Thanks for reading my update! Below is snapshot of year to date and my net worth since I started tracking. I did go back and restate historic figures to add in my pension. The Bank stopped our pension plan this year in lieu of a 2% contribution to our 401k. So right now, I contribute 6% and the Bank contributes 7%. Not bad. I plan to increase my percentage contribution at year end to max out next year. Finally! 👍🏾

Sorry for any crazy formatting! I'm blogging from my phone on the train!


CaribRoots said...

Great to see you're doing well and that you're still successfully working towards your financial goals!! Congratulations on your career accomplishments and keep up the great work! :)

Stephanie said...

Girl, you have done so well since you started tracking the numbers. Congrats on the salary increase at work ('bout time!). Glad you are well and happy. Thanks for sharing.

DreamChaser57 said...

Hi Windy City:

Thanks for the detailed update. I have always been partial to your blog. I graduated from law school and was born/raised in Chicago.

It seems your whole life has changed when you set and shared your intention. Congrats on your resolve and tenacity.

Looks like you've taken an holistic approach to your journey, opting to still fund retirement while paying down your debt.

My household recently has taken on a car note, owe approximately $30K. Paid off a $6K credit card in six weeks. It feels exhilarating to get some traction. We treaded water for many years, just stagnated and got complacent with our debt. I have mapped out a roadmap.

Wanted to share reading a great personal finance book I picked up: "You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life" by Jason Vitug.

Future questions to ponder on future blog posts

(1) How do you plan to stay aggressive with your financial goals if you marry?
(2) How will income/bills/accounts be handled if you and CJ marry?
(3) Do you have a debt free date?
(4) Favorite Books along this journey
(5) As a high income earner, did you have any parameters around salary when you looked for a partner?
(6) Take Out / Dining Out : Budget Killers for Working Families
(7) Long Distance Relationships on a Budget (Met my hubby online, had LDR for about six months before he moved...airfare, mobile phone, resort/hotels, food, flowers..... the expenses werenever ending)

Enjoy the upcoming holiday season! (Hope to hear from you before that)

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