Thursday, May 29, 2014


Good Morning!

Working through feeling a little sad and grieving for my relationship. Just really trying to get to a place of true forgiveness and love so that I don't continue to have this internal dialogue in my head surrounding what went wrong and how I felt about it all. Just trying to make peace with the past so I can move into the future. I wish I had a mechanism that would just switch it all off but I sincerely loved Harlem and wanted a future with him. Real feelings don't change that fast and we were great together when things were good. Just continuing to pray for healing of my mind and spirit and continuing to keep everyone in my prayers so that this kind of hurt and pain never has to reach another person. God is faithful so I know he'll bring me through this personal challenge. 

Looking forward to my trip this weekend to Canada and Niagara Falls. I stayed up last night to start packing and chatted with my friend from NJ. We didn't get off the phone until midnight and she's on the East Coast! 

Wishing everyone an amazing day! Thank you for reading and for your continued support of Windy City Blues to Bliss! =)

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