Monday, May 19, 2014


I finished two weeks of the Beachbody T25 Program. The physical improvement is a little slow but I do have more energy and I feel stronger. Getting up in the morning to workout has been pretty easy so far. Often, I even wake up before my alarm and the birds in the tree outside my window woke me today. So I got up and got busy with my workout. 25 minutes later and you feel like you worked hard. I definitely appreciate the shorter 25 minutes but you do need to go all out for the entire duration. I am going to repeat beta program before I move on to the second part called gamma. Plus, the weather is getting nicer so I'm looking forward to some running and bike rides.

Have a Happy Monday! 



Scooze said...

I've been doing a similar thing. 15 days now of Jillian Michaels' 30-day shred. Its sooooo hard, but with some reduced carbs I'm seeing results. Small so far, but they're there. Jillian's is also 25 minutes. I had to buy weights for it, but it's totally worthwhile.

Good luck!

Chitown said...

I need to reduce the carbs! Then I know I'd see physical improvement. Go Scooze!