Saturday, May 03, 2014

Good Saturday...

I just got home from having dinner with my best friend. It's always great to see her, chat and get caught up on each other's lives. Two words.... Mango Margherita! Yum!

On the drive home, the radio was throwing off hits and there was this one song I just had to find when I got home. A Stepper's Song which won't mean much to many of you but if you're from Chitown, you know how to step and love some stepping music. The song was "Didn't We" by Gerald Levert, a talent gone too soon. Already downloaded to my iPhone so I'll be jamming before I get to bed tonight. lol. I came in the house searching V103's website and googling lyrics while singing the song in my head. I had to find it. lol. All is better now in my world....just a little (wink)

I had an awesome massage this morning. Before I went, I swung by the park to see my nephew get ready to play his very first tee ball game. From what I hear, we have a slugger on our hands. So cute to see him getting his cleats on, with his baseball hat and run out with his teammates. Time flies. I was just holding him in the hospital when he was born and now tee ball. Man! Love my little guy. As the only grandchild and nephew, he gets all the love and attention. But now there's Max too, my nephew's new puppy and boy oh boy, I am this close to getting a puppy. Then there'd be someone to come home to and someone to add some love into an otherwise stale home. This close! My sister isn't helping. Every week, she says Max needs a playmate. She'll get you to spend your last dollar but she always has you buying worthwhile things. Focus Chitown! =)

Hope you guys are having a good weekend. Time to get to bed so I can enjoy a Happy Sunday. 

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