Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fighting the Shopping Urge…

The desire to shop is starting to eat at me. Generally speaking, I am not a regular shopper because I rather do it all at once. I must have some residual hard feelings from working retail because I am not a huge mall or crowd fan. I usually shop when Summer is on the way and again in the Fall. It is during these times that I spent quite a bit of money but I don’t buy anything in between unless I have to.

The thing is that I don’t “need” anything. My current workplace has a business casual dress policy but with graduation approaching, I am thinking that I need to purchase more suiting rather than casual clothes. A nice suit can cost but in actuality it saves in the long run financially. You can wear a suit more than once and just change out the shell or blouse. Right now, it costs $8 to get a twin set cleaned because they count each item separately. Dryel is my friend and I swear they totally cheat women at the dry cleaners but I will save that rant for another day. (Chitowngirl takes in deep breaths… LOL) Plus it saves time because it makes deciding what to wear a whole lot easier.

So…future investments in work clothing will have a bigger focus on acquiring suits. Now I don’t have the huge urge to shop because I don’t have the money to spend $100’s on a suit.

Done deal. =)


RS said...

One thing that I found out the wrong way...the job that I ended up taking out of college (and still have) has a business casual dress code. Too bad I had bought 3 new suits towards the end of college to prepare for entering the workforce. I figured that I would need them no matter what job I chose...boy was I wrong. Totally wasted my money, all I really needed were some nice khakis (sp) and a few button up shirts. and learn.

Phoebe said...

You can always buy nice suits on ebay. I never dry-clean my sweaters, even if they are silk or cashmere. I hand-wash the silk ones and put the cashmere ones in gentle cycle. Actually, now that I think about it, I have never gotten anything dry-cleaned! That probably will change as I get different clothes since I'm still a student.