Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting Financially Lazy…

In the last week, I have grown tremendously lazy. I haven’t cooked a thing. I’ve been eating out and I continue to blow the budget out of the water. I have to stop myself because I expect my net worth to decline each month for the next year and I don’t need to help it decline any further. I have to get it together. Just 2 more days and I can tally up the month and assess the damage. No matter what, it is sure to be the second best spending month in almost 6 years, which is an improvement in the right direction. =)


Anonymous said...

You're not alone. I haven't updated with the No Credit Needed Network yet because I have to tally the damage for this month and I'm already scared. I got lazy too... but there's a lot going on in my life right now that's going to require me to get re-motivated (is that a word!?).

Chitown said...

I feel you. Hey..re-motivated works for me. LOL.

The problem is the same old..give a person an inch and they will take a mile. For me, I did so well in the begging of the month, paying off my car loan, making my lunch and dinner, I didn't find a good balance with spending money. So in the end, I just started doing just that. Plus, there are always the unplanned expenses. Once you spend $200 here and $100 there, it is easy for me to fall into the trap of oh well...what's another $50.

Bad bad Chitowngirl...I know. =)

Anonymous said...

girl, I FEEL your pain! hang in there!


(Sorry, a sista has become a little busy in Japan over the last week! DAG! So I am trying to play catch up with my pf blog reads now)