Monday, November 26, 2007

Estate Planning…

I cancelled an appointment last week for my parents to meet with an estate planning attorney because my mom said she was too busy with the holidays and wasn’t sure about the cost factor. So I called the attorney and cancelled citing their concerns about legal fees. Well the attorney called me back today and my parents are well within their right to be concerned about the fee. The base rate was $4,500 for a couple, including tax planning. I am assuming that the $4,500 includes their wills, power of attorney’s, affidavit of trust, etc. I am sure that the attorney is very good at estate planning, etc. but my parent’s are not in a place right now to spend $4,500 on getting their affairs in order.

I am going to network and see if I can partner up with an estate planning attorney and draft all the requisite documents for my parents. I didn’t want to be involved at all because I am an interested party but the documents will be witnessed by disinterested parties and my parents’ have a relatively unsophisticated profile.

I was hoping that this could get taken care of quickly and be one less thing for my parents to have to worry about but I will see to it that things work out as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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Escape Brooklyn said...

Check out the Suze Orman software! It was only $15... ;)