Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Desire to Christmas Shop…

I have absolutely no desire to go Christmas shopping. It’s weird but all I want to do is sit around, visit with family and watch the beautiful lights on my Christmas tree. I am so very relieved that my family is on the same page with me regarding gifts this year. We all decided that it was a very expensive year with my law school graduation, my sister’s wedding in Cancun and my mom’s retirement that we are just going to enjoy each other in the true spirit of Christmas. It feels so much better to not feel the pressure of finding money to buy gifts. All I want for the New Year is a $15,000 improvement in my net worth and of course…love.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely feel you!
I HATE Christmas shopping. It just seems so forced and insincere -- not to mention unnecessarily expensive. We're all going on a family trip this year instead (though I think we've spent twice the money on the trip that we would have spent on gifts... still there ain't no shopping!).

Chitown said...

I feel you completely. Plus, gift buying isn't what the season is supposed to be about anyway.

I worked retail in college and ever since then, the good feeling of the season has been tainted. People act like such fools in the stores.