Friday, October 31, 2008

Refinance Complete & Credit Cards Paid…

The refinance is complete and the new loan funded. I took the refinance check over to the bank on Tuesday and paid on my CC right away. I got paid yesterday so I scheduled the last of the payoff on my CC for today. The refinance was $1,100 short of completely paying off the CC but since I don’t have a mortgage payment for the month of November, I was able to use my regular mortgage funds to pay off the remaining balance. DONE! I am so excited. I don’t have a lot of reserves but I have enough money to make it through the rest of the month. I have a pretty strict budget going forward so I am going to have to be disciplined from here on out.

My family decided on a grab bag for Christmas so I don’t have to worry about Holiday spending this year. With my sister’s first child due in March 2009, we are all aware of our spending and we would rather buy stuff for the Baby once the time comes.

As for my little car accident, I decided to put in a claim on my insurance to get my car fixed and my garage repaired. The damage to my car was a little more than I thought and since I plan to drive it for many more years, I decided I better take care of it as much as possible. The total end cost will be the $250 deductible. In the meantime, I have to put up the funds and get my garage fixed for $400. My insurance company will reimburse me so long as I keep all of my receipts. I am going to take pictures of all the damage this weekend. I am still embarrassed that I even backed my car into my garage. I mean, WHO DOES THAT???

The only last expense looming is a $260 medical bill which I also have the money to pay. I will probably wait to pay it with my December paycheck since I only get paid once at the end of the month and I haven’t received the bill yet. I am sure the payment terms are Net 30. So I will send a check to pay it off at the end of the month when I get paid.

So, there you have it. I am finally CC free. Now, time to find a better paying job and stick to my budget. Coming soon…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Glad that you have the situation under control and have a plan. As far as backing into the garage door, girl, it happens. We all have a story of doing something silly. :-D

Andrew said...

Hi Chitown,

I'm emailing you in regards to an email I sent to you last month about a partnership, have you had a chance to think about it?

If you have any questions or would more information, please advise me and we can go from there.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Knight

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of doing a refinance too. I hate to extend the length of my mortgage, but if I can wipe out the credit cards, I can get my finances straightened out! I don't think it's the best plan, ,but ANY plan is better than none...

dipat said...


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undercover vixen said...

Hey! Why did you stop blogging? Just found your blog and read the whole thing....n i just realized u stopped in october!!! Hit me up on my blog if u ever come back. I'd like to know how ur doing.

Velvet Jones said...

hey hey! happy new year! hope we get an update from you soon and that you are doing well. you've got folks out here cheering for you!