Monday, October 13, 2008

What Happened...

Credit Cards:

I had some unexpected expenses and start-up costs for my own firm. In order to get the legal experience that I need to break into a law firm environment, I started to do some research and writing for attorneys who own their own firm. They suggested that I start my own firm so that I can seperate my regular income from my law firm income and write off expenses. So several thousand went towards getting a laptop and starting a small firm of my own. Additional expenses that I have incurred on a monthly basis are also for my business so that I can have online access to legal resources and professional liability insurance. I haven't generated enought income to pay back those start up fees. I am still actively looking for a better paying permanant position but as everyone knows, the market is tough. I am paying between $500-$600/month on my credit card which is fixed at 2.99% and 3.99% for the life of the balance. I have only one credit card with a balance.

Student Loans:

My loans are still in forbearance. I just consolidated the totals in the chart. Before I had $10,000 there but that was just my goal payoff for the year. Starting in January, I will beging some type of repayment on my student loans but I am not sure how much. Things are really tight.

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