Thursday, April 01, 2010

March 2010 Report...

  1. Net worth improved from $153,834 to $151,994.
  2. 401k and Investment Accounts bounced back.
  3. Overall debt down $585. Come June that will be ~ $800/month.
  4. Cash accounts took a hit due to overspending.
  5. No additional debt or credit card use.
  6. Cashed in Capital One miles to boost my E-fund by $175.

Here is a further Spending breakdown for March and my Credit Scores. Credit scores improved this month most likely due to debt reduction on my credit card. I am 90% to max on the card so that is definitely a negative.


    Unknown said...

    First, great job on your net worth! You'll be under $150,000 in a month, which is totally awesome :D!

    Okay, you doubled your allotted spending in 3.5 areas (since you alloted $100 for personal and spent $178, NOT QUITE double). You did the same thing a month ago. What's going on? It's something more than just birthdays and presents to buy. It almost looks like if the money's there, it's going to be spent. What happens when the money's not there?

    Anonymous said...

    you said that you did not incur any debt for March, how can this be since you overspent by nearly $900?

    Chitown said...


    I had roughly $900 in my checking account in addition to my salary at the beginning of the month. That funded the extra expenses.


    You got me.

    Transportation costs hit my pocket pretty hard in March. Here is the breakdown.

    Gas: ($167)
    Metra (Train): ($128)
    Parking: ($112)
    Taxi: ($61)
    Village Registration: ($40)

    I didn't make it to the end of the month on my Proactiv so $76 got added to my personal care expense on March 30th. I was hoping to make it to April but I ran out. Consequently, I also took a taxi up to Nordstom on the Mag Mile because the machine in Macy's on State Street was broken. So, poor planning/timing on my part.

    I really think $100 is a good number for grocery/household. I am going to try to stick within that number in April.

    Chitown said...

    BTW...if I took out the gains in my 401k and investment accounts, I would have only posted a modest increase in my net worth of just $40.

    Unknown said...

    Another question (promise I'm not going to harass you), your emergency fund goal was $2,000. You're almost $700 over that, and it's increasing. What's going on there? Have you thought about taking the amount over $2,000, cashing out the long-term investments, and using those funds to pay down your credit card? That would knock 10% off your balance right there.

    I have to say I'm more concerned about the food/dining budget than anything, which has been $500 for the past 2 months. $6000/year for one person on food is a lot (excepting dietary restrictions, of course)...

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah I would also be interested to know what you are eating at $6k per year, is it take out every night?

    Also how come you are paying for gas and parking whilst paying for the train, is it park and ride or something?