Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Spending...

I got a pedicure on Friday. I planned a DIY pedicure but I used a gift card instead that I got for my birthday and paid the tip. It was the most relaxing hour that I'd had all week and the best $10 I spent all month. I also went to the movies as planned on Friday night for $15 and then went out for drinks. Unfortunately, the place also had a $10 cover so all together that was $20 that I didn't plan to spend.

Friday was a $45 discretionary spending day. Bad. I had only planned to spend $20 for the movie.

On Saturday, I didn't make it to Victoria Secret as planned to get the $25 gift card for my friend's bridal shower and I also realized I needed a card. So, I had to go to Walgreens to pick up a card and a $25 gift card. I resisted the urge to get the $50 gift card. I felt like I was being cheap with just a $25 gift but I had to tell myself that I will be writing a nice check for her wedding in just 3 weeks. So I still have the $25 visa gift card I got from Christmas to use for something else. I really heart gift cards. They come in handy. The shower gift ended up costing $32 with the almost $5 activation fee they charge.

To stave off a massive withdrawal headache, I made my first trip to Starbucks this month. Darn...$4.20 for a grande mocha. Won't be going back to Starbucks for a while. It didn't work either. I had to leave the shower early due to a massive headache. I stopped by the store on my way home as planned and picked up some bread, eggs and 3 bags of salad for the week. The entire grocery bill was just $9.20. I love Aldi!!!

Overall, I spent $57 more than I planned to spend this weekend. $10 for the pedicure, $20 for music/drinks, and $32 for the shower gift when I planned to use a gift card I already had to buy another gift. On the other hand, I still have the $25 gift card and I can use that to pay for something else.

Other than Metra train rides and $6 for parking on Wednesday for class, I plan on having another week of almost $0 discretionary spending. I get paid again on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

what concerns me is why you have to write a "nice cheque" for your pal's wedding. Thoughts like why? and how much? and you cant afford it spring to mind.

Whats wrong with a nice bottle of champagne in a gift box with a card? And no i dont mean a $50 bottle of champagne either, i was thinking something in the limit of $25.

Chitown said...

I get you Anon! It's about finding the balance. It's about covering the cost of my place at the wedding reception and giving a small amount in excess as a gift.

If she wasn't a good friend and this wasn't her wedding then I wouldn't worry about it but it is a good friend and I am going to put the gift in the budget for the month.

Thanks for your comment. =)