Monday, July 29, 2013

Chitown Needs a New Car...

I need a new car!!! My car is a 2002 Nissan Altima and it is dying a slow and painful death from rust corrosion. I fought Nissan last year and I was able to get the rear subframe replaced but not the floor boards. Instead of replacing them out of pocket, I had them reinforced at the body shop. I was in danger of being like Fred Flinstone last year! Anyway, the last two weekend, we've had rain here in Chicago and I noticed that the passenger side floor was soaking wet. I pulled up the carpet on Friday and to my absolute horror, I found a pool of water under the carpeting but no obvious sign of where the water was coming through. I used my phone to take pictures underneath and sure enough, the corrosion is back with a vengeance. I don't want to put any more money into the Altima because once there is rust present, it will only get worse. Plus, I need additional regular maintenance on my 11-year old car with 126,000 miles. I was hoping it could wait until next year but looks like my time may be running out.

Since the beginning of the year, I have lost about $700 in monthly cash flow with the roll off of the middle class tax cuts, increased utility costs from the water leak and the switch to bi-weekly pay. Chitown needs a break I tell you!Here are some pics of the car. I have the windows down to dry out the carpeting and padding.


Scooze said...

That looks bad. Good luck finding new (used?) car that doesn't set you back too far!

DreamChaser57 said...

Welcome Back - WCB! You were truly missed. Good to see you bloggin' again.

YIKES! The car looks like it could possibly be a health hazard, wet damp, and dark spaces can be a hotbed for mold. Inhaling that can cause breathing problems.

Coming from a middle class background - I have grown up
being accustomed to car notes. Reading personal finance books, especially Dave Ramsey - I’ve since learned that it’s imperative to either have no car note or minimize it by being aggressive with repayments, getting a late model used vehicle, self-insuring for major repairs by having an emergency fund instead of paying for expensive warranties that have lots of claim exclusions, funding a vehicle replacement fund, doing routine maintenance ensure long car life etc.

Good Luck finding a new vehicle!