Monday, September 16, 2013

Finance & Fitness Update...

I wanted to come by and give a quick update. Things are going well but it's been a crazy few weeks with my Dad in the hospital, the marathon, more car issues and usual working/life. 

Good news is my Dad is doing great and my car is doing better. I finished the half marathon in 2:31, two minutes faster than my time in 2011 so I'm pleased. 

Spending has been so so but I haven't done horribly at all despite all the craziness the last couple of weeks. I've been successfully experimenting with some less expensive hair products so I've managed to cut down even more. 

I managed to cut my spending a little over the last month so I didn't have to use my entire $1,000 eFund for the $1,050 in car repairs. My CC bill gets paid at the end of the month and I should have roughly $500 leftover in the eFund. 

After taking a week off, I have to get back to working out and figuring out what's next for me. I think I'll go back to the Insanity Program from Beach Body. 

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