Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hit a Wall...

Boy oh boy did I hit a wall today. This month has been grueling with work off the chain and things going on in my personal life. I treated myself to lunch and then came home to pass out for about 3 hours. I just wanted a cat nap so I could go to the park but I was out for the count. Completely exhausted. 

I enjoyed lying there and relaxing. Something I don't do too often and probably not often enough. It's usually GO-GO-GO until I pass out. 

I am working on my weekend plans already. lol. I want to have some fun this weekend and I may try to get a massage. My Mom gave me a gift certificate so I'll try to get an appointment for Saturday to get some of this tension out of my neck and shoulders. Church on Sunday and I may try to check out the new movie Baggage Claim coming out this weekend. 

I had a plumber come out yesterday to rod the condo main line so I have full use of my kitchen again. Now I can cook a little more and take leftovers for lunch. That would save me some moola if I could bring my lunch at least 2 times a week. Thumbs up! 

Now it's back to working out. I am starting Insanity next week so that's a solid 60-day program. I'll be done by my 36th birthday in December. I'll be in the best shape ever and that's the best birthday gift I give myself. Good health and happiness. Cheers!

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