Friday, May 30, 2014

Time to Fly...

I am at the airport and getting ready to board my plane to Canada. So excited to see my buddy, visit Niagara Falls and have a few days away from the Chicago Office. I kicked off my review this afternoon so my Team has plenty of work to do in my absence. Yes! 

More craziness in the office. Two male coworkers raised voices at each other over a deal and one guy was later pulled aside and told he should look for a new position. Sucks because I really like him. Then my other coworker got seriously demoted this afternoon although she will keep her salary and title. 

I am just keeping my head down and posting for positions. They tried to come for me again a couple of weeks ago but I shut that down with my performance record. You don't have to like me or my personality but my team likes me, appreciates me and I am a top performer. In the end, they sat there with blank stares after I was done with them. I had everything documented. Moving on and thankful I had my work record to back me up. I've more than stepped up to the plate this year so they had nada. 

Toronto...Here I come! Have a great weekend! =)

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ShellyShell said...

Hope you have a good time visiting my neck of the woods. This is a good time of year to go.
As for your job. Why are you looking in the same company? I have no loyalty to companies because they damn sure don't have any to you. Most times when you stay too long your salary isn't competitive. They give you bs raises but nothing great. Go to another company and get a higher salary. Come back to the company you're at now in 2-3 years and they'll have to pay you more because your base went up.I'm in banking/finance and that's what everyone does. My close friend used to work at my bank and left to go to a competitor. left ther and wen somewhere else and now is back here making 50K more than he was when he was here last.You will never get a 50k raise! LOL!