Thursday, June 19, 2014


Monday night, my security system's trouble light came on after a loud beep. When I came home Tues night, the entire system was off. I figured it needed a new battery but in 10+ years, it's never turned off completely. Fast forward to this evening when I walk into the laundry room and there is a stench. Silly ole me accidentally pulled the plug out of the wall when I went to unplug the washing machine. For some reason, the washer wouldn't stop signaling a complete cycle so I just unplugged it but I accidentally pulled the entire wall mount loose from the wall. I unplugged the alarm system causing it to use backup power and I also unplugged the deep freezer. So for two days, eveything was defrosting. Salmon, shrimp, Popsicles, etc. all defrosted and melted. That was a very fun cleanup project this evening but mission accomplished. It only took 30 minutes to throw everything out and clean it all up. Smelly laundry room gone! 

Silly silly me! That was a very unorthodox way of checking something off the 52-Week Organization Challenge. =)

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