Monday, February 14, 2011

Crazy Weekend...

I went bananas this weekend and spent a ton of money!!! I blew the $200 challenge out of the water and not in a good way.

I spent $217 just on groceries. I looked in my fridge and I had my Brita water container, butter, cheese and 2 bottles of almost expired salad dressing. That's it. I even ran out of staples.

So, I went grocery shopping and I got some staples like frozen chicken and fish and little odds and ends to make bringing my lunch and making dinner possible and a little more appealing.


Anonymous said...

We all stumble on our journey to budget, save, pay off debt… You can capitalize on cooking food that will last the next week or two weeks. Try to not eat out until next pay day (if possible) you may find that going overboard in the food category means giving up something (temporarily) to even the budget out. I too went overboard last paycheck and am feeling the pain, but it will all work out.

FYF said...

Building on what Anonymous said, if you don't really want to bust your budget at once - maybe spread out your grocery purchases? Good to hear about your progress though =)