Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gifts and Snowball...

Just a random thought...I am looking at my budget and trying to figure out how I can put an extra $50 towards debt repayment. I already have an extra $50 snowball budgeted. The first six months out of the year are filled with birthdays and holidays. Not to mention little things that come up like showers and house warmings.

February - BFF Son, BFF, Dad, Godfather, Nephew
March - Mom, BFF, Assistant
May - Cousin, Mother's Day
June - BFF, Father's Day

After June, I think I will be able to adjust my gift budget to $50/month and put an additional $50 towards debt.

*** Side Note: I adjusted the starting balances on the graphs to the right to show my progress since I began this journey last year.

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FYF said...

Hi Chi,

Thanks for the email, definitely added some more spark to my otherwise empty blog haha. The thing with budgets are that you don't always want to cut it too lean, so that you become negative on yourself when you don't follow through with them (say for instance, your cut of $50). Always keep a positive mindset, and know that you're doing a fantastic job =)