Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 3...


$5 people!!! Day 3 was another really good day.  I brought leftovers in for lunch and purchased a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I did also buy some soup from the cafeteria to hold me over through my lunch meeting. Who the heck schedules a meeting from 11-1 in Chicago with people in Florida? I tell you! It's lunch time people! Anyway, I made it through my meeting and I am doing so much better with my doodling! I am almost an expert! LOL

My Mom is cooking dinner this evening and invited me over. I am not a fan of big dinners (love big lunches) so I will probably munch a little and grab some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Can you tell...I love leftovers!!! 


I got my 40 minute workout in this morning! Oh yeah! I have to get up again in the morning and crank out some miles. I am thinking 5 miles for a maintenance run.


I am a member of The Illinois State Bar Association. Today I signed up for two free training classes on using FastCase which is a legal research service offered free through the ISBA as part of my membership. This cuts down on the need for expensive research services like Westlaw and LexisNexis and is a great tool for small law firms.

There is lots of work and prep that needs to be done to get Chitown Law Group back up and running to earn additional income. I know I have fielded several calls and emails for legal help this year. I referred all of them out to other practicing attorneys in my network. Wouldn't it be nice to keep some of that income for Chitown?!?! Absolutely!!! So, I need to get working to network, market myself, brush up on the law, attend court to observe, reconnect with mentors in different law areas and get the basics like a work laptop (eventually), business cards and a basic website. My laptop is DEAD, by business cards have stale information but I have everything else already set up and in place. In the meantime, I can use my iPad and work laptop until the legal work really starts coming. 

That's about all folks...$5!!! Day 3 Baby!!! =)

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Scooze said...

Good job keeping up the intensity!