Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning Workout...

After snoozing for about 45 minutes, I finally got my tail up to exercise before work. I was going to skip it but then I was just talking about my weigh in yesterday and how I needed to get moving in the morning. So, I cranked out a quick 40 minute workout and now I'm on my way to the office.

Weight this morning was 170!!! Ouch!!! I was 164 just a few weeks ago and 174 on the scale at the doc yesterday so I'm all over the place. Despite the scale gain, I'm still swimming in my pants so I know I've lose inches even if the scale went up a bit.

I managed to go straight home last night and make dinner. I wanted take-out chicken enchiladas with chips & salsa but found all the ingredients at home to make a quick jambalaya from an old Paula Deen recipe. I even found some chips & salsa at home to snack on while dinner was cooking. Now, I have leftovers for lunch today. My Mom invited me to dinner this evening so it should be another easy spend day. 

Here are the pics for my jambalaya from the beginning to the end product. Yummy! 

End Product
Beginning Product

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