Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Fun & Less Stress...

I've decided I need to have more fun in my life. I've been a bundle of stress and I'm boring the heck out of myself! I'm going back to doing the things I enjoy. Hanging with friends after work, eating lunch in the park, reading by the lakefront, seeing plays and spending time with my family. None of that requires a lot of money but puts a smile on my face and peace in my heart. 

My finances are on auto-pilot now. The plan is in place.  Now it's about execution.  The debt will be paid off in 5 years.  I'm saving for retirement and getting the bank match.  My expenses are streamlined.  Now I just need to focus on work, side work, and watching my spending to make sure I follow through on executing the plan. 

Now, I get to have fun and watch it all come to fruition. It will be a journey but I've decided it's going to be a good and fun journey. 

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